Technology & IT Infrastructure

In a highly latency-sensitive and competitive financial market today, your business performance will strongly depend on your available IT Technology and Infrastructure. And we well understand that it is not easy matter and realistically it will greatly require expensive cost, massive time, and IT team resource to achieve even minimum required IT environment.

Never worry about complicated API work, collocation, cross-connection, bandwidth, latency, monitoring, hardware, network, long-haul circuit delays and technical support!! We simplify your set-up and speed your time to market to ensure you get the most from your trading and dealing. You can trust and rely on us.

Key Features:
  1. No IT infrastructures and staff required.
  2. State-of-the-art systems and server infrastructure.
  3. Full interoperability with third-party solutions such as MAM & PAM, IB Commission and other Plug-ins.

No hardware or software to install. AURORA has adopted server side logic to ensure optimal connectivity to our network venues and a fast multi-thread processing model. Here is an example of our basic specs:

Browser: Google Chrome

OS: Linux Ver. 6.6

Web Sockets: Netty Framework Ver. 4.0.32


  • JavaScript
  • C++



  • AURORA – MT4/5 Bridge (Basic)
    AURORA (Rate) >>> MT4/5
    MT4/5 (Customer’s Open Int. Info) >>> AURORA
  • AURORA – MT4/5 Bridge (Pro)
    AURORA (Rate / Order) >>> MT4/5
    MT4/5 (Customer’s Open Int. Info / Rate / Order Result) >>> AURORA
  • AURORA – SSL Verification
IT Infrastructure

Default: Hosting in Tokyo Dedicated AWS Cloud

*Option 1: Singapore Dedicated Cloud, San Jose Dedicated Cloud

*Option 2: Core ECN DC – EQUINIX TY3, NY4 or LD5 with Collocation & Cross-connection with multiple LPs

Dedicated Cloud
  • Linux
  • CPU: 12 Core+
  • RAM: 32 GB+
  • SSD: 550 GB+
  • TCP/IP
Dedicated Bridge
  • Windows
  • CPU: 6 Core+
  • RAM: 8 GB+
  • SSD: 250 GB+

Fully backed-up.

*Custom Setting 1: MT4/5 Client Server (connected with the AURORA by LAN)
*Custom Setting 2: MT4/5 Bitcoin Quick Deposit Bridge; Bit4Deposit
*Custom Setting 3: Binary Option Trading Platform; TDTC Binary
*Custom Setting 4: Next Generation Retail Trading Platform; JiVTrade