Aggregation & Pricing

  • How many Liquidity Providers are you connected with now?
  • Have you ever calculated how much profit increase could be brought to you just by a 0.1 pip Spread Improvement?
  • Are you satisfied with and sure about your current LP Rate Feed, Stability, Spread, and most importantly What Will Happen if your sole LP will encounter serious business issues?
  • Are you familiar with Matching Engine Algorithm, Time-slicing, Last Look Policy, Liquidity Mirage, Credit-scanned Price, or Distance Latency?
  • Would you like to use a High-quality Aggregation Technology with no attached volume fees?
  • Why don’t you get your Margin Collateral back from your Prime Broker and utilize it effectively?

Any Forex market participant will benefit from a higher-quality Rate Feed to achieve a Tighter Spread, Deeper Liquidity and a better Order Execution Ratio in lightning-speed. AURORA aggregates your different LP Top Book Rates and makes them into original Liquidity Depth. You can easily access useful Data and Statistics in AURORA to analyze the performance of your different LP Feeds and Remove or Add LPs as needed.

Your Goal:
  1. Get economically better price to improve your profitability and eliminate a Bad Tick & Liquidity Mirage.
  2. Take out your business headaches of tremendous IT works, monthly running costs, and volume-based fee.
Key Features:
  1. Super fast (20 micro sec) aggregation for Multiple LPs & Different Trading Platforms.
  2. Bad-tick protection measures & liquidity size filtering settings configurable in real-time.
  3. Real spread (prime broker, give-up, and brokerage included) & position aggregation.
  4. High-tech risk-control aggregation by graying out Bid or Offer 1 leg side temporarily.
  5. Triangle rate aggregation (composite rate feed crossing from 2 Dollar-straight pairs).
  6. Fair Smart Pricing Protection when market becomes volatile, quiet, or has spike moves.
  7. Easy rate feed control; mark-up settings, manual / auto shading, push or pull distribution.
  8. Flexible rate feed distribution – Aggregated Rate, individual LP Rate, and Synthetic Rate.
  9. Free related FIX API & IT works, AURORA-MT4 / 5 Bridge, and NO volume charge.
  10. Unlimited free 24h / weekday online support.

The beauty of AURORA is…

You can aggregate any LP price / liquidity feed; Interbank, ECN, Forex Broker, or Prime On Prime etc., anyone who can provide you with FIX API specification and UAT / LIVE credentials. And you will never have to do any FIX API works nor have to pay related IT costs at all.

Open any number of trading accounts with your preferable LPs
Provide an aggregated price feed and any bridge you might need

Another important feature of AURORA is that it aggregates A / B Book Positions from different End Customer Trading Platforms like MT4 / 5, cTrader, ACT Forex, Trading Station, and even your original in-house made OTC trading platforms – as long as we can get a necessary API connectivity information from you. If you provide your end customer with multiple trading platforms, try AURORA and get the benefit of generic A / B Book Positions, and manage all risk exposures in just 1 position book on 1 screen.