Using More Than One Trading Platform? Using More Than One Liquidity Provider?

AURORA Will Connect Them All

As a Fintech Pioneer we developed AURORA because great success in the Forex Market is all about creating grand synergy between your thoughtful market experience and super high-level IT technology. Now we can proudly announce that AURORA is also fully integrated with financial instruments like Commodities, Stock Indices and even Crypto Currencies like for example Bitcoin.

AURORA is a robust and ultra low-latency Forex Trading & Dealing Platform inspired by HFT Hedge Fund technology and experience. The platform architecture is written in JavaScript on Linux OS and is connected to multiple trading platforms and liquidity providers. No matter if you are a trading firm or a broker, you can simplify your operations and cut in-house IT resources and costs dramatically.

With AURORA you can manage positions with all your LPs on just 1 screen and if you are a broker you can see all end-customer’s positions from different trading platforms (both A / B book) in one place. Also, you always trade, deal and hedge at the best aggregated rate from all your LPs and you will never need a Prime Broker.

Who will benefit from AURORA?
  • 1) Trading Client: Asset Management Firms, Hedge Funds, Proprietary Trading Firms, Individual Investors
  • 2) Dealing Client: Brokers (Forex, CFDs, Commodities, Crypto Currencies), Banks, Corporate Treasuries
  • 3) Both Biz. Client: Investment Banks

You would touch AURORA Features through this Web Presentation, Demo, and discussion with us.

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Trade directly on your aggregated LP rate feed with AURORA’s intuitive trading GUI with the most advanced order capabilities and Algo trading features normally reserved for HFT Hedge Fund traders.


Optimize and simplify your dealing operations with several flexible risk coverage modes by our Smart Order Routing Technology – All changeable on the fly.

Aggregation & Pricing

Maximize profitability and convenience by using 1 aggregated rate feed from all of your LPs with advantages like i.e. Super-fast Real Spread Aggregation with Bad-tick Filterings and Broker-protective Smart Pricing.

Risk Management

AURORA does not only allow you to monitor consolidated A / B Book and LP positions and to effectively avoid Stop-out, but notifies you of any failure as LP execution, server & infrastructure performance and anything potentially affecting your business. Simultaneously, it allows you to flexibly automate open positions to fit your exact risk tolerance with no human intervention.

What is cool about

Touch a Beauty & Harmony of AURORA

AURORA will never sleep, keep on advancing everyday...
With Amazing Speed

What’s more?

The AURORA has following features.

Admin: Management tool of your AURORA account.

Manager: You can manage and restrict your independent Sub-AURORA accounts for multi traders.

Performance: Your trading / dealing statistic and analysis will be automatically summarized by real-time.

Spot Blotter: Order and its Execution result history will be recorded and searchable, plus CSV down-load.

Cash Blotter: Close & Swap P/L and Brokerage history will be recorded and searchable, plus CSV down-load.

Data: Extensive analytical Tick Data, Statistic, and LP Feed Quality survey for latency and contribution.

Assistant: You can refer to User Manual and E-mail Alert Service; Performance, Data Mining and Market.

Future Plan

  • If there is a necessity and opportunity, we are trying to take into Qualitative Analysis based on fundamentals and Quantitative Analysis based on technicals, Big Data, or AI (Artificial Intelligence) aggressively.
  • We are expecting to move into Forex and Binary Option development once ready. We strongly believe, especially, Forex Option with the AURORA would give a 2nd Revolution Wave in this market. And it could be surely a wonderful solution for Minus Net Equity A/C problem.